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Subject: Genesis chapter 5 Chapter 5 - "Our Main Course this Evening: The Shattering of the
Shroud of Shadows"
"Get them into the transporter," Joey ordered.
"Aye sir," Joey's A-team replied; they walked into the room and
once more took over the boys minds.
"Follow them!" Joey yelled.
Skye and the others reluctantly got to their feet and walked into the
hallway, where they were escorted down the hall to a room marked
"What is this room?" Skye thought.
"This is how we're going to get you guys into the ship which is
cloaked near the Shroud of Shadows." The leader announced.
The boys were marched into the nymphs 14yo
room, india sex nympho photos when they were standing at the center,
several massive pillars of light lit up. The light seemed to grow brighter,
and an eerie green light began to emanate from a stone in the ground. The
pillars nympho daughter began to shoot massive bolts of electricity into the stone, which
began to glow a darker green colour.
The stone in the floor began to absorb more electricity; the air above the
stone began to twist. The particles of matter were literally being sucked
into a vortex, which was growing larger every second.
"Time till fire: ten seconds." The scientist at the controls
The stone was now glowing a red colour, and the vortex in front of
them was now the size of a small person.
"Five seconds," he yelled again.
Suddenly the light from the stone flashed black, the vortex expanded and
sucked the ten into the event horizon before it shut down, the particles
collapsing in on each other.
The boys were twisted and stretched, this method of transport was clearly
old, the boys finally began to see a light, and then wham, they were
slammed against the floor of the transporter aboard the Draconian ship.
"Get them into the air locks!" The ship master shouted once they
had regained their composure.
"Already, I thought Joey said we would have more time," the leader
"Well his stupid transporter is ancient, it takes a lot longer to travel
then the ones that they can make!" he shouted pointing to Skye and the
Black team.
"All right, we're on the way, once their in the airlocks, we're
going to the observation area to control them from here.
"Fine!" The boys dragged the to be dragons to be dragons into the
airlocks and stepped away,
The airlock hissed as it launched the boys into space.
"Morph!" their captors shouted.
Five balls of fire erupted petite nymphs thumbs in the middle of space, and impossibility; the
dragons emerged, homemade nymph pictures
roaring in the silence of the airless space.
"Sir we were wrong," a deck hand warned.
"What do you mean!" the shipmaster shouted, "What ship is that?"
"It's the Cassiopeia Sir!" sorry, we didn't notice the slip space
signature till now." He replied.
"How dare you! This could ruin our whole mission!"
"So...sorry sir!" the Dracon shouted.
"That's not good enough!" the shipmaster yelled as he pulled his plasma
sword from his belt, stabbing it through the chair he was sitting on and
through the draconian.
"Let that be a warning to each of you, don't screw up!"
"Aye sir!" they shouted in unison.
"Now attack that ship!" the master yelled.
The five dragons began glowing green as Evan used his agility
ability to boost their flight towards the ship.
"That's the Cassiopeia!" Skye groaned.
"Good you noticed, now get to work!" their captors shouted within
their minds.
The dragons stopped gliding, now only about 100 meters from the ship they
charged their own attacks lil michelle free pics as the Draconian vessel behind them opened fire.
The Cassiopeia raised its shields, which absorbed the damage from
the plasma weapons of the Draconian ship.
The dragon's now each had their elemental attacks charged, it was Lucas who
fired first, the flames racing across space and impacting on the ship's
shields, the stream of fire rapidly draining the shields power.
Evan fired his own attack; creating a massive asteroid from the
matter of space, he held it steady, waiting for Alex.
Alex fired a ball of nymph pics black flames onto the meteor, heating it up and
engulfing it in flames. Alex then used his own powers of gravity to not
only increase the meteors mass but to sling shot it into the nympho nudists shields.
The shields braced the impact from the ship, but it was too much for them
as they collapsed, leaving the burning shards of meteor to rocket into the
hull of the ship.
Skye and Spencer fired their attacks together; Skye's white flames and
Spencer's blue ones meshed into one, their streams of fire join Lucas on
the assault of the ship.
The Cassiopeia launched several volleys of missiles at the dragons, they
burst out of their weapons launchers seconds before one of Alex and Evan's
meteors destroyed them.The missiles raced towards the dragons, Alex deflecting several of them
with his gravity ability, leaving Skye to assemble the barrier around them
using the debris from the ship.
The rockets smashed into the wall of debris between them and the
Once the rockets were destroyed, Skye dropped the matter bonds on
the material and Alex cleared the way.
The four dragons began charging their final attack, one that would
vaporize the ship.
Each dragon began glowing, their flames merging into one ball of
The Cassiopeia had one defense left their point fuck nymph movie
defense lasers;
they quickly charged and were on lil cuties target with the dragons.
"We need to move!" Skye thought to the morphs controlling them.
"You're staying put!" They replied, as they ordered the topless nymph
dragons to
fire their final assault.
The lasers burst from their emitters, crossing the distance between the
dragons a second; they quickly sliced petite nymphs thumbs across the dragons scales.
Skye and the others buckled down, the lasers had cut just through their
scales, allowing blood to freely drip and flow into space.
Their attack was already powerful enough to fire; leaving little to the
dragons it quickly shot several beams of light from the massive sphere of
The streams of light quickly cut apart the hull of the ship, slicing it
cleanly forums schoolgirl nymph down the middle, then into small parts. The sphere then erupted
into one massive beam of energy, engulfing the entire ship.
A second later the ship was revealed topless 16 nymphs again, once the ball of power had been
drained, the hull nymph porn sex was glowing red, the metal melted, held in place by the
fabric of space itself.
As the dragons were dragged back into the transporter room, too weak to
walk both from the attack and the power they had used, the draconian ship
launched a rocket into the Cassiopeia.
The rockets explosion quickly caused a chain reaction, the ship collapsed
in on itself, the Cassiopeia now a ball of compacted matter, it exploded,
the wave of super charged ions spread into space in a halo like shape.
The ions smashed into the shields of the Draconian vessel, as the
transporter fired the dragons and captor back to their cell on Seron, the
shields failed, and the Draconian ship erupted into a second halo of
energy, vaporizing anything within one-hundred kilometers around them.
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